Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin 700ml


Gin Mare opens the door to a new category of gin, with a very innovative pan-Mediterranean concept, which unites the different cultures around this sea, which represents their leading botanical products, such as the Arbequina olive, thyme, basil and rosemary. Gin Mare also evokes the generational evolution of this category on the part of a family with a great deal of importance in these endeavours. Gin Mare came into being in a purely Mediterranean setting. Our distillery is located in an old fishing village on the Costa Dourada. Production: Gin Mare is created with the Mediterranean craftsmanship and conditions, in order to obtain an exceptional gin: From its premium barley base, to careful macerations and independent distillations of each one of its botanical products (some of which, as is the case of the citric products, involve a harmonisation process which takes over a year to complete), to the special blending which makes it possible for each one of its botanical products to express all of its characteristics in the final product. Gin Mare is the result of this “designer” collection in which all of its elements are truly Mediterranean, from the botanical products collection on its own properties to the Florentine still created ad-hoc for their small distillations

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