Star of Bombay 47.5% Gin 700ml

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Star of Bombay 47.5% Gin 700ml

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Short Details : Star of Bombay 47.5% Gin 700ml

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Bombay Sapphire would like to introduce to you its step up Super Premium offering. Known for its 10 exotic Botanicals sourced from around the world, Star of Bombay brings two more Botanicals to the fold; Bergamot Orange Peel from Southern Italy and Ambrette seed from Ecuador. Tasting Notes: Star of Bombay is slightly musty on the nose, tasting dried flowers but also underlying spice. Almost strangely, the classic notes of juniper, angelica and coriander have been intensified but Ambrette is immediately apparent. Jammy from hibiscus to taste, with piquant spice, bergamot and ambrette seeds offer an exotic twist by entwining themselves around the core juniper. It’s an intense gin yet somehow retains the lightness expected of a Bombay distilled spirit. At 47.5% ABV, the finish is both long and richly aromatic but it’s not oily nor full – just rich when it hits and leaves behind a vivid memory.


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