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Short Details : Way back in the beginning of our story, Kosie Marais shared Klipdrift with his family and friends. From the word go, they couldn’t stop talking about the smooth, full-bodied taste of the brandy. Kosie kept his methods secret, but maintained that all you needed to make excellent brandy was time, good quality grapes and a big nose. He was right. Brandy Colour: Klipdrift Export is known for its light chest nutty color. Brandy Aroma: Pour a tot of Klipdrift Export into your glass and have a good sniff. Aromas reminiscent of fresh ripe apricots and hazelnuts will have you doing more than just sniffing your glass in no time at all. Tasting the Brandy: Once you’ve had a good sniff, the aromas follow through and linger with flavour on the palate. Take a nice big mouthful and savour it. Repeat as desired. Serving Suggestions: Whether it’s at a braai, a pub or around the dinner table, Klipdrift Export is best served with friends! It’s a well-balanced brandy that can be enjoyed on eish or with mixers like water, flavoured water, ginger ale, lemonade and cola

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